What Is “The Sending”?

May 6, 2015
Ryan Day

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On May 15, 2015 my new worship album “The Sending” will be released. Read on to find out about the idea that inspired the project.

THE SENDING is the story of God’s divine strategy to save and restore the world. The story that God has been weaving throughout history. Jesus is the main character in this story and we are the cast – inexplicable caught up in the unfolding storyline that will culminate in Jesus’ eventual return and restoration of all things.

Ever since the sinfulness of mankind established a rift between God and people, God has been at work to restore people and Creation to Himself. He has repeatedly done this through the activity of sending.

At just the right time, God sent his one and only Son – Jesus the Christ – so that all the world might be restored into right relationship with Him. As those who have responded to and received what Jesus has done, we are also now sent into the world as bearers of the good news of what Jesus has done, is doing and will do.

After he rose from the dead, and before he ascended to heaven, Jesus appeared before his disciples and declared, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you” (John 20:21). Jesus indicates to His followers that the model and methods of His life are to be replicated and reproduced in their lives. As His followers today, we inherit the very same mission and purpose that Jesus was sent to earth to fulfill – to proclaim and demonstrate the kingdom of God.

Thankfully, we are not left to our own strengths and abilities to love others and participate in the unfolding of God’s kingdom on earth. Jesus promised to send us the Holy Spirit, who teaches us how to live and reminds us of the things that Jesus Himself taught (John 14:26). In spite of our weaknesses, our faults and our brokenness, the Holy Spirit gives us power (Acts 1:8) to live and love like Jesus did. The same power that animated Christ’s mind, heart and body is available to every follower of Jesus today.

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“The Sending” album cover (2015)

It is fundamental to our identity as followers of Jesus that we understand that we are a sent kind of people. We are not a static, wait-around-for-heaven kind of people. And while not every Christian is called to go to the very ends of the earth, we are all sent somewhere. We are called to be a foretaste of the kingdom of God, representatives of Jesus Christ, ambassadors of heaven on the earth in our families, school or university, workplace or social group, hobby or area of ministry.  Every person is sent with a capacity to love and serve God by loving and serving others. That is what it means to be sent.

“The Sending” is a glimpse into my personal and spiritual journey over the last few years – through songs – exploring various perspectives of what it means to be “sent”. It came out of a desire to understand how my work, life and ministry were supposed to make a difference for God’s kingdom. I have come to a place of believing that every person has been given a profoundly important mission, whatever their life circumstances may be: to be sent by God to wherever He would have us go, to love and serve those we meet as a demonstration of our love for God. Every day is a doorway to opportunities for seeing the kingdom of God come on earth as it is in heaven.

The album contains three sub-themes: like three acts in a play, that develop the storyline of sentness. Firstly, we remember that Jesus was sent to earth as a humble child and then grew to be a man who was innocently crucified (and then rose again, defeating sin and death!) Secondly, the album then focuses on songs that reflect our journey with the Holy Spirit, who was sent to empower and guide those who would follow Jesus, with songs of declaration, faith and repentance. Finally, the concluding songs on the album focus on the response of the people of God to being sent by Him – desiring unity, living obediently and living for the great mission that He calls us to participate in with our whole lives.

It is my hope and prayer that this project will bless, encourage, challenge and inspire you in your walk of faith as you continue to follow Jesus, wherever He sends you.

Ryan Day

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